Cindy Gordon
Cindy Gordon, Proprietor

I am a native Floridian born and raised in Sarasota and attended schools in Manatee County. I earned an A. S. Degree in Science at the Florida College of Natural Health with a concentration in Paramedical Skin Care.

I started cleaning at the age of 17.  Cleaning to me meant being neat and organized both of which define my character.  My Dad once said that everything has a place. When you open a drawer you close it and to put things back where they belong so things don’t pile up on you. I give thanks to my Dad for making teaching moments out of simple daily routines. Even as a child I was very particular about my things. Being finicky about cleanliness has lead me to a profession in which I hold high standards and take great pride in.

My experience has been both residential and commercial.  I employ 3 qualified associates who meet my high standards of service.  My team and I go above and beyond to provide you a healthy and sanitary environment.

Pride in Service!  That’s what I’m all about.

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