Are you insured?
  • I am insured through Liberty Mutual. I carry property damage and $10,000 for the homeowner if they are hurt by my equipment.
Do I need to be home at time of service?
  • No.  The customer does not need to be home while I am working inside their home. I would like to do a walk through with the homeowner to see and learn about specific things within the home; such as knick-knacks and pictures to be careful of and to ask if there are any broken or damaged items so that we have both covered our bases.
Who will be cleaning my home or business?
  • I will be doing all of the cleaning or with a helper who meets my high standards. 
Do you clean windows?
  • Yes,  I clean front doors used for entry to the main home and sliding glass doors used in most common traffic area in a normal cleaning service. Regular glass windows are not included in my service.
 What are your service times?
  • Service times are from 9:00am to 7:00pm. When it’s a move in or out job, I work until the job is done with respect to the customer of course.
What happens if something is broken during the cleaning service?
  • If this happens I always offer to fix or replace the item. Any damage over $250.00 will be covered by insurance.
Will I be billed or can I leave payment in the house?
  • I do not bill customers. Payment in the form of cash or check becomes due after service has been completed for the day.  Payment may be left in the house in the form of a check.
Will my information be shared with other businesses or list servs?
  • Absolutely NOT. Cindy’s Cleaning Service will not share or knowingly disburse client information. Your information is solely used for communication purposes for Cindy’s Cleaning Service.

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